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I have mazda 323 sedan year 1998. I did engine swap. I had 1.3 liter i have 1.6 liter engine from mazda 323 year 2002. I did swap engine,transmission, pcm with immo, whole front panel. All wiring etc.
I did make grave mistake. I put wrong toothbelt which caused detonation in intake. It hit ground which goes to pcm, injectors, camshaft and crankshaft sensors.
Got another pcm with immo. Put new cam and crank sensor and even changed ground wires to pcm,injectors,crank and cam sensors and ignition coil grounds wires too.
Why i wrote all this..
Injectors 1 and 3 work ..2 and 4 does not.
Eletricity to injectiors is good.
Pcm gives info when give injectors ground. It gives to 1 and 3 injector. When you crank the engine, then 2nd injector gets ground 2 times and stops. 4th injector gets ground 1 time and then do nothing.
What could be the problem?
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