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Mazda 5, 2012, 2.0L
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I have Mazda 5 2012 2.0l engine (Europe). When engine start to get warm it will stall. I replaced the Camshaft sensor and the car was good for few months, but then it started again so I thought I must have bought bad quality sensor, so I bought new sensor from Mazda shop and it worked again for few months, but now again the car got the same problem. I don't believe I always get "bad quality" sensors, there must be another reason that lead to this!!!
I don't know where to look next.
First time when this happen, I didn't got any error code, so after lot of search I found out it was possible the Camshaft sensor, and indeed after replacing the sensor the car was good (for few months). Now I got the P0340 error (Camshaft sensor), but I am wander why it will last only for few months. Is it something else that lead to the sensors won't last for long, or is something else I miss?

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