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Mazda 6 doesn't shift out of park

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Hey there, I got a 2009 Mazda 6 sedan based in Australia. I can't shift out of the park when I tried to drive this morning as well as other issues including the "DSC off" and "ABS" lights always on and the brake light doesn't work. The error code that I found from OBD is C0044(1C) - Brake Pressure Sensor "A", which I think explains why ABS, DSC and shift don't work well as they're all related to the brake sensor. According to the procedure in, it sounds complex and most importantly expensive to replace the DSC HU/CM, and someone else mentions it might be the brake light switch issue. I wonder has anyone had this issue before? How did you resolve it? Thanks in advance!
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This happened to me, similar situation, two years difference.
Take the gas cap off for 1 minute or so. Walk counter- clockwise around the vehicle, replace cap. Problem will be fixed. Vapor lock causes the described malfunction.
Zoom, zoom!!!!!
Yes, just replace a brake pedal switch, you can see upper of brake pedal.
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