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Hi everyone, my friend pickup to my Milly, because dont wont start, problem is no spark. He change coil witch distributor, still nothing, they buy second one,engine start for 5min, when He put rewerse gear car die...
I check out distributor in my Xedos 9, they work, my engine start, i check out another one and is fine.
I check out crankshaft Position fine I change CPS from my work car.
I check out wires, all signals is the same like in my Xedos 9, signals from PCM to distributor, all - and + ...

we change PCM...still nothing, we check sparak plugs, cables...all is fine,and stil is no spark

I check out OBD codes is only one P1000 but i know what is...

Mazda heave stickers on back windows : ELECTRONICALLY PROTECTED BY THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM and i think is from US MAZDA...because Xedos in 1995 to 2002 got Immobiliser, millenia not.

Somebody can help me in this small/big problem, maybe somebody knows something about this problem....any button/secruity system or non run about 7mounths :(

Sorry for my English is not good (I from Poland)

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