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My Mazda6 cabin heater started to let me down right before Christmas. Very timely, I must say. Other than the heater, no other issues was apparent.
A few weeks after the heater issue showed it's cold and dreaded face, I noticed some coolant missing.

After a month or so, I finally got it around to my usual, and professional mechanic shop, who came to a quick and mercyless verdict: Blown head or head gasket.
I sat on that sentence for some weeks, and got in touch with another mechanic, who would give me a good deal, on a head gasket change, who got the car some days ago.

The new mechanic is not sure about the head problem, because many usual signs of any such issue, is not apparent
Symptoms: No cabin heat (95% of the time). Using a little coolant. Slightly over heating, if driven high speed for long time. Coolant is clearly being spewed from pressure relief valve into engine compartment. Bubbling in cooling system.

Symptoms not present: No water in oil. No loss of power or difficulty when starting. No visible steam in exaust..CO2 test of coolant system is negative.

Actions taken so far: Coolant system flushed. Thermostat changed. Water pump changed.

I'm in doubt, if I should just get the head/head gasket checked. The CO2 test suggests, that head is OK.
As a side note, I can add, that the cabin heater works some times, for a short time, before going cold again. So heater core seems OK.

Any suggestions for checks or possible root cause is very much appreciated.

Hopefully I can get my lovely Mazda on the road again... without having to dress for an artic expedition.

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