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TSB's for all Millenia years and engines


How to Replace the Thermostat

How to Replace the Supercharger

How to Replace the Supercharger - another post

How to Remove and Install the Oil Pan

How to Replace the 120A Main Fuse

How to Change the Fuel Filter

How to Change Fuel Injectors

How to Replace OEM O2 sensors with Generic O2 sensors

How to Change the Coolant

How to Change the Serpentine Belts

How to Program the Remote

How to Change Spark Plugs on the S model

How to Modify the Fog Lights to work independently

How to Change the Knock Sensor on the 2.5

How to Change the Valve Cover Gaskets

How to Aim the Foglights

How to Install Dashboard Gauges

How to Remove and Install the Front Door Panels

How to Change Blubs in Headlights and Parking Lights

How to Aim Headlights

How to Remove the Stereo Head Unit

How to Replace the Tie Rod End

How to Replace the Lateral Links

How to Install an Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

How to Clean Foglights

How to Install Timing Belt

How to Install Timing Belt - another version

How to Decipher OBD-II Trouble Codes (such as P0030, etc.)


Problem - Heated Seat Elements don't work

Problem - A/C Blower Fan making a chattering noise

Problem - Power Tilt Wheel doesn't work

Problem - Trunk Release Button doesn't work

Problem - Car Overheats

Problem - Radio asking for Code or shows Error

Problem - Musty Smell from A/C


Question - Panasonic OEM CD Changer Compatability for various model years

Question - Wiring Diagram for BOSE system

Question - Keyless Entry Remote Control Compatability for various model year

Question - 1995 OBDII Compatability

Question - Legal Limits for Tinted Windows by State

Question - Are Aftermarket Struts available

Question - Mazda's 100 point checklist

Question - What are the fluid capacities


Free Online Repair Guide

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I would like to add the thread about programming the keyless remotes. I believe it is a topic that is looked at often and i wish to suggest it to the thread

it is here,

If you guys dont see this fit here, you are welcome to delete it or move it.
thanks :thumbsup:

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that's great, but the stereo schematics pics aren't showing anymore...could somebody repost those? Or at least some help with the 95 BOSE premium system wire colors or diagrams?

This would be WAY appreciated.

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Hi,I really appreciate the time and energy you put into this "how to" list.It is great and very enlightening.

However,I am having trouble removing my O2 sensors(same ones you have described in this thread.)First,the right rear(near the oil plug)wont budge,seems i have now started to strip it.And the right front(in manifold),well I can't even get the ratchet on.Their just isn't enough room to get a 12"-18" ratchet into position and onto the sensor socket.
I am using a large sensor socket(similar to the one pictured but with much wider wire gap)and 1/2 in. ratchet borrowed from mechanic at my work.Should be adequate tools(?).

Any suggestions? At this point I am thinking I should stop at the corner garage and see if the mechanic will break them loose for me.
This repair seemed so straight forward,of course its always a breeze once you get the sensor,nut, move.


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For those looking to resurrect their EGR system on the 2.5L engine, I suggest examining the port on the manifold that connects to the EGR boost valve. I just pulled the intake manifold and discovered the port was blocked solid. I had to run a power drill bit into the port to clean it out. You might be able to get at this port without removing the manifold, but it'll be tricky. I suggest a bit, a Dremel and a flex drive.

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This guide saves my as* about every other month, thanks!
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