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was heading down a 3 lane highway in my city at night, when i spot this integra and another ricer (forgot what). anyways they were weaving around and tryin to act sporty. so i get excited and my usual grin :twisted: on my face. so i speed up and do some milly style manuvers to get their attention, the car that i cant remember made a turn and disappered(most likely why i dont remember what it was) now its just me and the integra. i pull up along side him and notice he was pretty pimped out for an intergra, it was actually a white 4 door with dual exhaust and a tight body kit(pretty impressive, havnt seen an integra like it). i definitly wasnt just a lowered lawnmower with a rear view mirror. i glance in the cockpit and notice some gauges..a LOT of them, seemed like he may have NOS, not good for me, but i want to give him a race anyways. he wanted to see wut i could do and we both took off and eased up. then i let him punch it and have his fun, he slowed up, then i mashed it and rocketed past him keeping it in 2nd (ive never heard or felt the milly pull like it did keeping it 4-5K rpms) so then we both had at it and i pretty much sm0ked him. being in 2nd and runnin those rpm's = bye bye ricer. and couldnt figure out where behind me he went. to my surprise there was a red traffic light and had to do a very short stop from about 82-90mph to full stop. the milly handled the stop well didnt even flinch. i dont know if he was impressed, depressed, or just wanted more but he followed me when i made a right at the light, tried to go at it again, but then just gave up and turned. i would be more detailed with the actual speed and acceleration times i got, but i was just having fun on the way to a party. i havnt had the car for long, anyone figure out how to manipulate the the hold feature to get the most out of the S? i want to be sporty with it but definitly not looking to buy a new tranny. if only the S came in stick *drool*. another driver left in shock at the S...peace out
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