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Ok hi gang, new here, very thankful for any help!
I got this truck free but it has issues.

1) Dash and Tail lights don't work.
For some reason the dash lights and rear taillights don't work.
All the other lights do work.
Can't find a broken wire or bad fuse.
The lights on heating/cooling unit work but no dash lights.
The brake lights, head lights, front parking lights, rear backup lights all work but no tag lights and no rear tail lights?
Tried new headlight switch and no dice.

2) Engine has slight miss but no codes come up.
New plugs etc, no vac leaks I can find, does have a exhaust leak at flex pipe, but that couldn't cause a miss could it?

3) Running a code reader I get these results...
Insufficient coolant temp for closed loop fuel control...??
Is this because I tested it with engine cold or ?

Engine coolant temp circuit high input ..?
I just changed the coolant temp sensor so what could this mean?

EVAP purge control valve circuit...?
Is this a bad connection or the solenoid is bad?
I just fixed the vac hoses to and from the EVAP canister so no leaks.

Any help appreciated!
Truck is daily driver,no leaks,doesn't burn oil,pretty good mpg too.
It's a 5 speed.
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