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Guess subject says most of it. Came here because we need a new or newer vehicle and during a large Spokane, WA., Auto Show, found ourselves drawn to the Mazda line. Have no experience with them and our current newest vehicle is a 2000 Cherokee, (which we've loved). So we are dumb regarding current automotive technology and offerings. Oh, ... and we're retired so this might be our last vehicle if it will last.
So........We drove each today. The 5 is almost large enough; seems zippy enough without the turbo. The 9 is more comfortable and with the turbo is certainly quick enough. In years past, turbos were considered a good way to force more fuel into the cylinders but at the price of 30% more complexity, 30% more maintenance and 30% shorter life for the engine.
I think all that is better now, but we have no experience.
Can any of you comment on Mazda's engine/trans durability? Value comparisons to RAV-4 or Honda CR-V? We cannot find a domestic brand that attracts us at this point. We live where 4WD is desirable. SUV's are a LOT easier for us to slide into, (no, "curb height," entry required). That alone is a big draw for SUV's.
I might also post this on a buyer's forum if one is here. I'll do search and new member reading first.
Thanks in advance for comments,
Dennis in E WA state
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