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2001 millenia s 2.3 . I found a clean used sc online ordered and installed. When trying to start after few attempts the IGN no stopped cranking, fuel pump stoped priming, cluster speedo no longer lights up only row of lights across bottom are on (oil and etc) and blower motor is on high speed and all ac controls non responsive the fan will run till I turn off the key. I double checked all connections under hood and tested relays etc. Nada but next day everything worked again fo about same amount of time and then same issue, this time when I was disconnecting cables and about to lock the car the alarm activated. I disarmed by key in door and trued to start again , everything looked good untill I cranked, no crank and same issue returned. Plz help.
All effective functions are connected to computer and I know ignition switch is prob bad and ecm replacement means locksmith and new key which is over 300 bucks. Narrowed it down to main relay or ecm but was running when parked.

I got to get this thing running, any advice is appreciated. I'm stuck and out of cash.
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