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Thanks for the suggestion. My truck is 4WD and rebuilding the G6 engine would be the cheapest and easiest option. As far as getting more out of the G6, I was in the process of setting up a Speeduino ECU that is open source and uses an Arduino based processor. This would allow for updating the ignition and injection control, and tune for a turbo or whatever else. And I agree, it wouldn't take much to exceed the value of the truck. I know it's not a collector's item, and that I would never recover the money spent on it. The value to me is the condition, the fact it has not been driven much in the snow and salt, if any at all. I don't even think it's been off road to be honest. Dealing with the rust of the North East has made me appreciate a solid car or truck that much more.
Do you have info on the speeduino? What speeduino do I need for the G6 engine?
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