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This is on 2005 B2300, 2.3 , 4 banger.
This bad boy has153,000 !
PVC valve was stuck closed when I got it, as well as thermostat stuck open.
I've removed the vacuum hose at intake, sprayed csrb cleaner down hose, blew into the hose on top of valve cover to get it freed up.
Done this 3-4 times so far.
Watched a U tube video that states you gotta pull intake to get PVC out!?
Has anyone ever tried to reach in and remove PVC valve from underneath or, pull starter to get at it????
This motor has too many miles for me to pull intake, I'm hoping I can clean it this way.
It seems to use oil, but, I'm thinking cuz the PVC was p!ugged, pressure pushed the oil up past rings.
Anyone else engine uses oil? is this common with these motors
Anyone replace PVC with intake in place?
Curious minds wonder!!
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