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I have a Mazda 3 2006. I thought I need a car gps for my car. I often drive for long journey alone. I need something to have fun, and something could provide the navigation system to me. So I searched relevant products on the internet. Finally, I got a multifunctional car dvd gps unit from qualir. That is a good company. I was happy when I got the dvd. But the installation confused me at first. I was afraid that I can’t install this car dvd on my car. But luckily, the company has some installation guides on its website. With the help of the customer service, I installed it successfully at last. I know installing the car dvd is very hard for somebody who is lack of experience. During the procedure, I took some pictures, and made some description. Now I’d like share them with you.

1. Prize up the frame of the mini screen by the plastic knife.

2.Loosen the screws of the main unit,then take out the main unit by your hands.

3. Connect the display data cable of the mini screen,then fixing the bracket well.

4. Fixing the bracket well, then prepare for the installation of the new main unit.

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