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So, I'm on my second 6, but this one is not playing properly. Only had the car a week (2011 2.2 sport estate ) and there's a list of faults.
Had a engine check light the day after I bought it. Code said clutch switch. Removed the code via OBDII.
No low beam lights, no headlight symbol on dash. (High beam works, both on car and dash)
No front fog lights car or dash, rear symbol turns on but won't stay on dash.
Car came with 3 keys. Only 1 unlocks the door. Wednesday the car started fine, went to work stopped at shop no problems. Went to move the car in the parking lot, no green light, just red light with a line through. Changed key fob battery, no luck. Called AA, towed home.
Changed battery in fob that opens door, briefly had a green light for 20 seconds, no accessories no start.

Thoughts please. TIA.
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