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Hello fellow Mazda owners.Just bought a Mazda 6 Hatchback 1.8 Petrol 2004 production,UK right handed.
Got 2 keys with 2 remote controls as pictures shows.The previous owner said probably the batteries are dead and currently not working either of them.Changed the batteries but still no functionality.
Checked on YouTube and found a tutorial how to reprogram them,more exactly 3 ignitions with opened driver door,than close and open driver door 3 times after which the central looking will lock and unlock automatically as a result of the car going in programming mode.All good so far but when I`m pressing on remote the unlock button 2x times to synchronize it with the computer nothing is happening.By the tutorial it should lock and unlock 1 time but not in my case.Tried both remotes with brand new batteries and nothing.
Does someone has any idea what could I do?Or is there anyone who has dealt with situation like this?


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