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The times when LED technology use was limited to high-end vehicles, while the others had to compete with traditional halogen lights, are long gone. Today, everyone can update a car or truck with LED technology and enjoy its benefits, including high luminance, unsurpassed energy efficiency, stylish design, and compactness. However, not all LED lights are built equally, so we’d like you to read this short guide to LED lights for Mazda 6 before shopping for new lights for your pride and joy.

Types of LED lights
1. LED conversion kits
If your Mazda came equipped with traditional halogen headlights or taillights, you can upgrade them with a high-quality LED conversion kit without the need for replacing the light assemblies. When purchasing such a kit, make sure you get the right bulb type choosing between single-beam and double-beam ones. If your headlights are equipped with a single bulb for both low and high beams, pick up a dual-beam conversion kit. Otherwise, go with a single-beam LED conversion kit that comes with individual bulbs for low and high beams.
2. LED headlights
LED aftermarket headlights come already equipped with LED bulbs. As a general rule, they do not require any modifications to your car’s lighting or electrical system and come complete with everything for a successful installation. At the same time, you must double-check if the lights you’re about to purchase conform to Federal and local laws.
3. LED tail lights
Bright and stylish, LED tail lights will add a touch of custom style and individuality to the rear end of your vehicle.
4. LED daytime running lights and halo rings
Easy to install, LED daytime running lights and halo rings are an affordable upgrade to virtually any vehicle. They consume little power and last up to 3 times longer when compared to any traditional bulbs.
5. LED interior lighting
Various LED strips and interior lighting kits will help you turn your dark and boring interior into the center of everyone’s attention. Please be advised that you may also require an LED driver to run the lights correctly.

Most of the above LED light types you’ll be able to find on the Truck&Gear website. Check out our product selection to pick up the desired LED lights for your application.
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