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Hello -

I'm about to pull the trigger on a used Mazda CX-7 and could really use some advice about owning one that's over 100k in mileage.

I had a few disastrous experiences with Volkswagens early on, settled on Hondas ever since, and have been incredibly pleased with their reliability. So I've been a bit scared to switch brands after Honda.

Unfortunately, a lady who ran a red light totaled my Accord last month. I was fully covered by insurance, but even with the payout, have been having an incredibly difficult time finding a used Accord or other Honda within my budget that doesn't have way too many miles for my comfort.

I found a 2010 Mazda CX-7 with 110k miles on it, which is about what my Accord had. I've never had a Mazda and am assuming it's not considered as reliable as Honda, but still pretty decent. It has all the hallmarks of an impeccably maintained car:

- Original owner. Older gentleman who is an accountant and clearly fussy about maintenance (the guy I bought my totaled Accord from also had that profile).

- Full service records. Never been in an accident, stored indoors, oil changed every 3k miles. Carfax is super clean.

- No rips or stains or smells in leather interior.

- New battery and front brakes done last year, Michelin tires put in 10k miles ago, new serpentine belt.

- Zero scratches or dings on the car at all.

I'm having a mobile inspector I trust look at the vehicle tomorrow a.m., after which I will have to pull the trigger if I want it. Price is $8k, a smidge on the high side per KBB private party, but considering everything that was just put into the car and its rare excellent condition, I'm willing to pay it if it points to reliability and spares me headaches. I've seen no other cars in my area/budget that are this well taken care of.

My budget from what insurance gave me is roughly $10k (before DMV taxes). If I do it this way, I'm hoping I can save ~$2k which I could really use right now (couldn't find a Honda I wanted in my area anyway after searching obsessively) and would hopefully have something reliable if impeccably maintained by me until 180-200k miles? Even if it lasts me 5 years at 12k miles per year without catastrophes, I'd be happy.

The only thing that gives me pause is that I know nothing about Mazdas, let alone the CX-7. Does anyone have any advice, opinions, insight on how well these cars do above 100k? I heard the 2.3 turbo engines had tons of known issues, but this is the 2.5 L engine. Thanks so much!

P.S. Photos here:

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Sounds like you "checked all of the boxes" that a smart buyer would check. Of course ANY high mileage car is going to have more issues than a newer or new car. Mazdas are very dependable cars and much like Honda if an owner takes care of it they will get tons of miles from it. Hondas can be crap as well if they aren't taken care of.
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