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This is a full electric conversion, but I'm posting here because the body is in such good condition that I thought someone might be interested in that if not in fixing up the current electrical issues. See my craigslist ad and reply to me there if interested or you have more questions.

Not currently working due to BMS/pack problems, but nice 1987 Mazda B2000 Cab+ body. Body is solid with no rust and a decent paint job. Interior in fair condition. I can sell it as-is, strip out the electric and sell the body (Asking $1,500), and/or sell the components separately (Asking $5.00/lb - That amounts to $2,000 for the battery pack and $1,000 for everything else.). Batteries: 64 x Nissan Leaf Generation 1 (tested to 42+AH) Sited in 2 small battery boxes (fore) and 1 large aft underneath the truck bed (pivots up on the back) ; Motor: Advanced DC FB1-4001A Series Sound DC, 22.9KWH @ 144VDC for 1 hour, @144VDC, 28.5HP continuous; Drivetrain: 5 speed, clutchless; Controller: Curtis 1232C-1806; Charger/Battery Monitor: Manzanita Micro PFC20M 530 (Repaired recently and upgraded to support J1772 Level 2 Charging at 4.8kW), Rudman Bus Display: Rev 0.5, 2-5 BMS: Rudman Regulator Mark 3x8 Digital Lithium Ion Rev 1.6; DC/DC Converter: Astrodyne SP 480. I'm happy to send more details or pictures or for you to come take a look. (Masks and social distancing required)

Other notes:
  • Original conversion done by Electric Vehicles of America in 2008 with lead acid batteries.
  • Vehicle does move, but because BMS is not operational, cannot safely operate or full charge the pack
  • Battery pack capacitance problem needs to be solved prior to fixing/replacing the BMS
  • 2 of the 4 BMS boards currently show an error code - not sure if they are repairable
  • Maximum 50 mile range
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