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Mazda 929 HC, 1988, 2.2i 115 hp
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I'm new here. I live in Holland and i own a 929 HC, 06-1988, It has the little 2.2i with 115 HP, but is has A/C, cruise control, electric sliding roof ect. Especially the air conditioning is very rare in Holland. The car has 138000km (85749miles) on the clock. It has no rust and everything works, even the A/C had been converted to R134A.
I am very happy with the car and it is a pleasure to drive the car.
What really disappoints me is the availability of spare parts, also at the spare part shops.
I can no longer buy the simplest parts such as shock absorbers, springs, hood dampers, etc. I called Mazda, but they also hardly have any parts.
In America and Australia I see that there are more parts for sale, but in Europe the supply of parts is very poor.
I'm looking for front and rear shock absorbers, springs and hood dampers for my 929HC.
Now my question to you is: are there parts from other cars that fit in the Mazda 929HC such as the front and rear springs and the hood dampers.
Shock absorbers that will be difficult to replace. The funny thing is, lowering springs are available, but springs with original dimensions are not available.
long story, hopefully not too boring and I hope I can get a lot more information on this forum. greetings JP
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