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2006 Tribute four banger. Battery almost 1 year old. Twice now, when turning the key, no engagement of starter.

Time 1: In my driveway... let it sit 20 minutes when I went to get a cup of coffee in preparation for jump starting it. Walked back out, started right up.

Time 2: Granddaughter was driving it. Tried to start it, wouldn't start. Called her Dad. He jumped it, started right up.

It started and ran without incident for about 2 weeks.

Time 3: My wife was driving it, would not start in a parking lot. She had jumper cables and it started right up.

She came home. I attempted to start it. Started right up.

Time 4: Let it sit for a few minutes. Tried again. Would not start. And, I noticed that every last light on the dash was out. Not a single light lit. But, the light in the USB charger in the accessory port was on.

Turned off the ignition. Tapped on the battery posts with a hammer and checked the connections. It started right up, and has started OK for the last several days.

Maybe the battery has an internal breakage that comes and goes? Battery is fully charged and as noted, car starts right up when working.
Or maybe the starter solenoid?
Is there another relay somewhere?
Why would all the dash lights be out?

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