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Hello Mazda hierarchy
Well I had to ponder the way to put this so I figured just get it out there..
Mazda obviously is so out the loop in regards to Aussie outback conditions and what is required in a 4x4 to be able to transverse the outback.
Is it that Mazda just don't care or is it they have no idea.
Australian folk are leaving their jobs in droves to pack up and do the lap of our grand continent, yet not one 4x4 company has come to the rescue to build a vehicle that doesn't require a tone of money thrown at it to be able to do the trip off the beaten track.
So Mazda guru's we need a "tow pack option" for the BT50 in the way of a larger diesel turbo engine, a heftier transmission and diffs with front as well as rear diff locks, larger brakes,
Mazda Alloy canopy.
Why don't you gurus head down this way and do a live forum, if any car maker can come up with such a vehicle they will own the market, caravan sales have gone through the roof with 800.000 +
registered vans and climbing it surprises me that no one has jumped in to take on the market of grey nomads, as we are so eloquently called,, now that Mazda is food for thought..

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