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If you're really reading this, you must really have a hard time tying your shoelaces and drinking water without dribbling. but what the heck. i might as well write this article. :rolleyes:

Many people ask me, "what's the best way to wash your car?" well. here goes.

1) Get a long hose, a good one.

2) Get a good hose nozzle, not the cheap-o plastic handle ones you squeeze for the water to come out, those break all the time. just get the metal twist nozzle.

3) When you wash, make sure the car is THOUGLY SOAKED down with water AND something called Simple Green. Simple green is a solution that removes organic materials like bird crap and tree sap. I usually spray those target spots first, let soak, then rince over the car

4) Spray down the rims/wheels with a wheel cleaner. Let sit for 45-60 seconds, especially if you have aftermarket pads that dust really bad. Reason why you spray now than say after you clean the car is that the chemicals used to clean the rims are nasty and shouldn't be used on a "clean" car. Cuz now, you can rince off and wash around it before the rest of the car.

5) Do Circles. Just like brushing your teeth, circles provide the most surface area of cleaning in less energy, than say moving in a Sine or Cosine wave pattern or doing stars or squares.

6) After you've cleaned the car, CLAY the car. Do this every six monthes to remove the surface impurities. "Clay Magic" or Mother's Clay are the best. $20.00 at most auto parts stores, Spray the lube on and rub like no tomorrow. *warning. you might get hairy palm* hahaha. just kidding

7) After you have clayed your car, feel how smoooth the car is. FANTASTIC! Now, using the Meguir's 3 step wax / polish set up. go at it. Cleaner, Wax, then Polish. until your hand falls off.

8) At this time, it should be 4 hours after you started, and you're feeling dizzy from all the chemicals, but look at your car, it's worth it. Don't forget to use Windex on INSIDE your car cuz it gets dusty in there too, and those oily finger prints on the rear window from last nite's escapades need to be removed too...

Enjoy it, take a picture before the birds crap on it tomorrow. :) Woo hoo! Take a picture and send it to me.
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