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Hi, I have a 2007 Mazda6 that has an ongoing problem. When it's symptomatic, the following happens when I start my car:
  • Sometimes, when I start it up, the following lights come on:
    • Battery
    • Brake
    • AT
    • ABS
    • Check engine (is always on so not sure if it's special)
  • When I shift it out of park and into reverse, it lurches
  • Then it can drive, but:
    • The speedometer and RPM needles stay at zero
    • Sometimes it feels a little lurchy
    • Sometimes the brake feels a little ABS-y
  • Then it fixes itself
    • The needles "flicker" (go up and down again several times)
    • The bad lights go off but the skid light comes on
    • Then the skid lights go off and the needles are normal
  • August only:
    • After it had been fine for three months, the problem happened again when I hit a bump
    • Previously it had only been on startup but this time it happened mid-ride
    • I think once it also started bad but fixed itself on a bump
Most of the time it's fine on start-up. This happens occasionally. A mechanic at at transmission place replaced the Transmission Control Module. Then the problem came back. Any ideas of what needs to be done?

Thanks a lot!
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