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Hi I'm new on this site and I'm hoping someone can help me. You see I never owned a Mazda before and I heard they were really good trucks and very good on gas. So when I seen the chance to get a B2200 pretty cheap I grabbed it up. Now the guy I got it from told me it needed a head gasket cuz the smoke like crazy. So I had a good friend of mine, who by the way is a mechanic certified, change out the head gasket for me. Come to find out the head was no good had a crack in it. So I invested in another head. It was stripped so I had to put it in valves and guides and seals and stuff using the same cam that came with it. So again you put his head back on motor and I changed over to a Weber 3236 with headers and get rid of all emissions Mind you it's a 1988 but it's in good condition I guess. We had a problem with adjusting timing on it because it was running really tough and shaking a lot. To make it long story shot I ended up going through two heads replace the gaskets, replace the distributor all the wires ignition and regular wires cuz most of them were eaten by rats. Plugs and PCV valve. I even put a new battery in it finally we got everything together and it runs pretty good. My problem is the thing is worse than a fog machine it won't stop smoking no matter what we do to it. I mean everything's new in it it's almost a brand new motor except for the bottom end does anybody have any idea what's going on? Any knowledge that you guys can provide me with would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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