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I have a 2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring,I just got it a few weeks ago..I have a question if anyone knows what can make the floor on the driver side wet? (The older couple I got it from either didn't tell the truth or didn't know..) More a less they said the roof leaks A little IF you get a hard rain..Wrong its any rain but they have the nice rubber mats so the water does go on the mats and it don't leak in the truck or the back of the seats.They told me it had a new roof..Now I am wondering if it does cause a new roof should not leak..

With that said when I lifted the rubber mats the cloth mat on the drivers side was nasty..Wet and moldy and the screws to the seat are all rusted and even the holes to the cloth mat have rust on them so the mat has been wet for a while...

Now I wash the mat and I dried out the floor..So now the driver side was Completely dry...I put the mats back and went for a ride..Now it didn't rain,and I didn't use the Air Conditioner and there were not puddles etc and when I got home the mat is wet again...I looked underneath the car and did see a tiny bite of water on the driveway but didn't see it pour out drip out..

What can be causing this...What the screws rusted I am guessing its been going on for a while?

Thank you for your patience and time

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