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p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } Hi,
I work in an IT company. In our company we develop tracking and diagnostic devices for cars. I want to share our project to you and will be glad to hear your opinion. I suggest you to participate in the creation of a realy good device.
Our device is almost finished but we still have time to add new functions or change some of the existing ones.
The device connects to OBD2 port and main functions are next:
- reads engine error codes;
- shows the data from dashboard indicators(speed, rpm, engine temperature, engine load, airbag and belt status) in your account;
- real-time 24/7 vehicle monitoring;
- location tracking;
- notification when vehicle enters or leaves a geo-fence;
- driver's behavior analysis;
- accident notification;
- 3D reconstruction of the accident;
- mobile application;
Which other functions would you find useful? What functions do you think are unnecessary?
Feel free to ask me if you want more information. :smile:
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