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What is the working mechanism of shock absorbers?

A shock absorber is a part of the suspension system of a vehicle. Its role is to absorb as well as dampening the kinetic energy released by the suspension system when the vehicle is moving. At the same time, it eliminates the springs' rebound force so you tires can stay in contact with the road.

In order for this to work, shock abssorbers use several diffent methods to convert the kinetic energy into heat. The conversion happens right inside the shock absorbers tubers storing the hydraulic fluid or gas.


When a tire and a rough patch or an obstable on the road come into contact, the shick absorber compresses. As a result, the gas or oil is released into another chamber. Heat energy is accumulated through the said fluid, which is then dissipated into the atmosphere eventually.

There are several different types of shock absorbers including twin-tube, twin-tube gas charged, and coilover shock absorbers.


Recommed shock absorber brands


The brand has been here since 1928. Bilstein is the first to produce the monot=0tube shock to used in a production vehicle.


Fox is suitable when you are interested in off-roading. Two examples are the ones come with the new Ranger FX Max and the Ford Ranger Raptor.


The Sweden-based company has a strong presence in famou motorsport events including Formular One, World Rally Championship, and FIA World Rallycross Chiampionship.


Tanae is a brand from Japan. It is well-known for producing high-performance coilovers for many famous racing teams. They also design and manufacture their own springs.
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