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Everytime you Wash and or Wax your car, tell us. Tell us how much time you speant, what products you used....and if you used a new product you don't usually use, let us know the results.....and if you have time...snap some photos of your freshly cleaned car for us to see.........
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I washed my car yesterday.....used whatever soap is in our detail shop too. I always make fresh soap and water and use a new wash mit and fairly new chamois. Used wheel acid to get the brake dust off too....looks is a picture (though after a different wash with the same stuff).


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Originally posted by excluesiveonez@Nov 2 2004, 09:34 PM
dude thats the same pic as 2 months ago
Hence what I said in my post...when I mentioned that the picture was from a different time/place...

My car was nasty becuase it snowed here, then it sat in my garage for two weeks while in hawaii. When I got back I wanted to wash it but was affraid of grinding the dirt into the paint. So I went to a new touchless car was....where nothing *gasp* touches your car....except water and such. Anyway, I know there are some harsh chemicals, but thats okay, because I wax monthly. I was impressed witht the results as well.....
So, the last time I washed my car was about 2 weeks ago. However, Its been driven from our detail facility straight home, and hasn't left the garage in that time, due to inclement weather.

At the time of cleaning, baby recieved a bath and clay bar. Then was lightly polished with an electric buffer, at slow speed with a foam pad. Afterwards, I applied a hard carnuba wax by hand. The wheels were cleaned and waxed with a synthetic wax, and the interior was cleaned and "dressed" with an interior sealant. Glass also done....I do not have any of these product names, as they are not typically items found on the store shelves......But, it looks darn good!
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