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Everytime you Wash and or Wax your car, tell us. Tell us how much time you speant, what products you used....and if you used a new product you don't usually use, let us know the results.....and if you have time...snap some photos of your freshly cleaned car for us to see.........
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yeah, pretty much what I should have done, but with highschool people in town I gotto sport the millenia.

I know you'll like this ski, I went down to the audi/porsche/vw dealership and test drove a 2005 a4. although I was pretty pissed that the base base is like 24k, and when I added the ultra sport package, nav, the upgrades wheels, something with a stock bodykit, and an upgraded sound system it came to like 40k (3.0 6 spd) 650 for a lease, meh. I'm considering it
ok, so yesterday it was 70, but was raining, today it was 39 but didn't rain, none the less my millenia sadly got caught in some rain and needed to be washed, hand washed millenia. 2 hours in sweat pants, sweat shirt and a hat, piss cold, even did wax as you dry and rims.

parked it in the garage, put on a light jacket, drove 2 miles, ran jeep through car wash for 6 bucks, came home
the millenia would have been dec 3rd right before going into storage. the M would have been dec 17th because it was warm and it needed to go into storage, and my jeep was washed just this sunday
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