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which viscosity to choose

  • 7.4

  • 6.2

  • 5.8

  • i don't kow show me the result

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*Some of the links in other languages use chrome translation for text and ocr for pictures.

I have a Skyactive Mazda 3 that has fw6ael which is very similar transmission to Toyota U660



I have 5 questions
1- are ws , fz and dexron vi interchangeable ?


I asked the redline: “At the moment we do not recommend crossing the Mazda ATF FZ as it uses a unique additive package. D6ATF is a suitable replacement for low viscosity WS ATF, closer to the upper end of the viscosity range at operating temperature, as we usually place our high performance products.
The additive package was better suited to Japanese friction materials than the original D6ATF, for a short time D4ATF was recommended for WS ATF applications.

I contacted idemitsu about multi atf, and here is the answer, "
We understand the viscosity of the Toyota ATF WS and Mazda ATF FZ. However, friction characteristics, and the oil's ability to provide fuel economy vary.
We regret to inform you that we do not have the transmission fluid your Mazda 3 that meets the Mazda ATF FZ specification.
We recommend that you use Mazda ATF FZ in your vehicle for the best protection and optimal performance. "

I contacted amsoil because Signature Series Fuel - Efficient on the international website they did not write that fz is compatible, but fz is listed on the US website !!

these company recommend to use there 5.4cst for Toyota ws but not fz : amsoil Fuel-Efficien on the international website only , redline d6 , Hyundai XTeer ATF SP 4 , starkraft atf vi , neste multi atf , idemitsu tls-lv , adrifol 8HP Fluid (grün) , Petronas Tutela Multi ATF 700 in the previous edition , Total Fluidmatic LV MV except in thailand

2- who is the target consumer of 7.2 viscosity since these companies recommend it for fz : for a short period of time D4ATF was recommended for T-WS

Kixx multi but didnt recommend it when i contact them , castrol atf multivehicle , ngn Universal ATF ,rolf ATF Multivehicle ,unitedATF MV-99 ,aisin ATF AFW+ , idemitsu atf , s-oil 7 ، shell spirax-s5-atf-x does not recommend it to T-ws , castrol transmax atf z ,

summary of People opinions to use 7.2 cst instead of 5.8 cst :1- more protection 2- felt improved shifting 3- aisin is the manufacturer of the transmision 4- no one has been hurt from using multi atf 5- viscosity of 6.2 is the sweet spot between protection and fuel economy

People opinions links:свежее/?do=findComment&comment=1481158свежее/?do=findComment&comment=1481158свежее/?do=findComment&comment=1615100свежее/свежее/

3- Why do these 7.2 cst are not recommended for fz : ZIC ATF Multi HT, Eni Rotra ATF Multi , liqui moly 1200 , g-box Far East свежее, Mobil ATF 3309 , Fuchs Titan ATF 4400 , Lukoil ATF Synth Asia , TCL ATF T-IV , ,Wolf Vitaltech Multivehicle ATF , Petro-Canada DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF , Total Fluide XLD FE , GToil GT ATF Type T-IV , valvoline import , PENNZOIL® AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID , PENNZOIL PLATINUM HIGH MILEAGE ATF ADDINOL ATF XN 5 , ADRIFÖL ATF 3309 / ADRIFÖL Dexron III H

4- are these the only reasons that make low viscosity multi atf better than 7.2 cst? : 1- has higher cold brookfield 2- 7.2 cst doesn't match car manufacture fluid who program the transmission and dialed the tourqe converter 3- multi atf companies will benefit more to marketing one bottle and easier logistics 4- to satisfy CAFE fuel economy regulations 5- shorter warm up time

Even Though 1- afton doesn't mention fz in there additives 2- honda dw-1 does not match chemically to most of multi atf 3- non of these multi atf has official approval from mazda 4- its only a recommendation without solid guarantee
5- some of multi atf has half of oem fluid viscosity but they claim the higher viscosity index will make for it

sources of question #4свежее/?do=findComment&comment=899664
53558Информация о продукте GT OIL ATF Type IV Multi Vehicle.pdfсвежее/свежее/свежее/свежее/свежее/свежее/свежее/

Companies made specific fz but not approved by mazda : adrifol atf fz , ravenol fz , aisin fz 2

sold by mazda dealer : australia by castrol , europe by total , middle east , and usa by idemitsu

Companies merge fz , dexron vi, ws q8oil auto mv , ADDINOL ATF XN 6 , 7 , nulon LV , valvoline maxlife multi ، kixx vi

4- when miles / years to change fz which is group iii partially by drain plug or easier by extraction from dipstick (4.2 to 5 quarts )
-when to change it completely(8.24 quarts) : partially by extraction from dipstick (4.2 quarts )then after 5k miles from removing the atf pan and filter 5 quarts ?
-i live in dry environment with an average of 72F in winter and 109.4 F in summer, my average transmission temperature is 194 f ,
- helpful used fluid analysis from american 2 3 , russian ,
In our environment, major transmission issues start to appear for some mazda viechles if the fluid hasn't been change for 118k miles or 200k miles , rough shifting appear for some after 44k miles of old atf and got 70% success rate after transmission update
- helpful resources about changing interval 1 2 3 4 , aisin afw+ fully synthetic recommended complete atf flush every 20k miles

5- which one SHOULD I use and why?

Prices in my country mazda fz 25 US $ a liter , T-WS 9.5$ a liter, amsoil 15.7$ a quart
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