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About a decade ago, I posted (likely on the MazdaTrucking site) about the mirror on my 1988 B2200 Cab Plus driver side "tow" mirror wobbling/wiggling at highway speeds, and I'd narrowed that down to the mirror part itself. I had asked if anyone knew how to take these apart to repair this, but got no replies.

Anyway, I finally decided to get gutsy and attack this myself today. My first idea was to tap in gently some small wood shims (and use silicone glue) to hold the glass tighter, and then paint the shims black. Well, this morning I took another look, and saw that the bottom edge of the glass was not securely attached, so I gently pried the glass off, and found it had been silicone-glued to the plastic housing back in 1988. So I took the mirror off the truck - so I could use gravity to hold the mirror in place (instead of using masking tape). I cleaned up the silicone glue still attached to the mirror and the plastic housing, and applied Permatex silicone adhesive, and mounted the mirror in my bench vise and used two Craftsman NiCad batteries to hold the mirror down as the silicone dries. I'll let this dry 24 hours, then re-install, and just will drive my 2004 Frontier today (this 143hp 4-cylinder, 5-speed Frontier King Cab is an improved, safer cousin - air bags, ABS - of the B2600i I never had).
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